Synthesis at Hyper IslandI’m a service designer on a mission to test untried ideas and experiment with new possibilities. My motivation is for others to see the abundant potential that’s all around them, and hopefully feel invited to play along.

I’m currently studying and researching at Hyper Island’s Digital Experience Design program. In this full-time course, we work for real clients and learn directly from industry experts. The taught portion of the course finished in July 2016, and I’m now working full time on my master’s thesis on service design for financial inclusion in collaboration with Plot London. After I submit the thesis, I’ll be on the market for new service design roles and projects.

Before that, I was on the Digital and Emerging Media team at the Cooper Hewitt museum, working for Seb Chan and Bill Moggridge to re-design the visitor experience.

And before that, I was at Wesleyan University, studying everything from queer theory to gamelan, learning all the ways that everything connects.

I also do illustration. I wrote and illustrated Picture Cooka visual cookbook of hand-drawn recipes. My second illustrated book, Nature’s Remedies, is a guide to herbal medicine from Chronicle Books. It was written by my good friend, Jean Willoughby.