Fair Finance

Fair Finance is an ongoing project I’m working on in collaboration with Plot London. The project is an investigation of this central question:

How might we use design tools to promote financial inclusion in the developed world?

The project consists of research, prototyping, and continual feedback loops with various stakeholders in order to reach our goal of addressing poverty and undermining economic inequality in the developed world.

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We are currently prototyping four “possibilities” which aim to serve as provocations for various audiences. The idea is to get the prototypes out in front of various stakeholders in order to anchor a productive conversation around designing for economic equality. As said by my colleague Gill in the FinTech Times, “Our aim is to situate prototyping as a form of action and as a complement to just writing reports. We want these prototypes to highlight the issues, think outside of the conventional paths, and explore the possibility of connecting individuals and local organizations to a wider pool of social capital.”

The project is currently being funded in part by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

The initial research and definition stage of the project was recorded and reported in depth in my podcast, At Your Service.

The podcast portion of the project constituted my Master’s thesis in Digital Experience Design at Hyper Island.